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Colette Duck has a very eclectic approach that articulates around physical, chemical and ecological transformations. Her interest in constant changes and multiple deformations of landscapes, mountains and urban visages erupts in her paintings, drawings, etchings, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations.
Her compositions are no pure representations but assume a nonetheless pure pictorial aspect in which colours - whether they be explosive, scarce or ethereal - are of primordial significance.
Her starting point, however, is always transformation and mutation of the expanding universe, in an infinite evolution of every person or animal with very instinctive personal developments. The endless small cosmological transformation overlaps her own feminine body and her relation to the outside world. Her work is structured around patient comprehension of the unpredictability and irreversibility of time. 

Text from Claude Lorent, Els Wuyst, Constantin Chariot - Patinoire Royale Galerie Valerie Bach.  

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